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2018/07/10 CIMS Invited Talk

2018/07/10  CIMS Invited Talk


Hou-Wei Chu, Ph.D.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Taiwan Biobank, Academia Sinica


Accessing the Taiwan Biobank resource


In order to clarify these complex interactions of diseases, the Taiwan Biobank (TWB) is establishing a scientific infrastructure accessible to biomedical researchers. TWB is a large and comprehensive prospective study with 200,000 participants, who age 30–70 years, from the general population without history of cancer, and another 100,000 patients with chronic diseases of public health importance. This study has collected extensive phenotypic and genotypic details from individual participants, including the data from questionnaires, physical examination, biomedical test, image inspection, experimental information, biospecimens, and longitudinal follow-up for a wide range of health-related outcomes. TWB is available for open access to any bona fide researchers who wish to use it to conduct research.


2018 Jul 10  12:00~13:30


Conference Hall 3, B1 Floor, the Second Medical Building

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