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2018/06/26 RSCHI Invited Talk

2018/06/26  RSCHI Invited Talk


Vincent S. Tseng , Distinguished Professor


Ph.D., Computer Science, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan


Opportunities and Challenges for Smart Medicine via AI and Big Data Analytics


New wave of revolutions in Smart Medicine has jumped into this Big Data and AI era with new opportunities and challenges arisen.In this talk, I will describe some great opportunities in Smart Medicine/Healthcare via innovative AI techniques (like deep learning, reinforcement learning, GPU computing, etc) and deep analytics on big biomedical data.Meanwhile, I’ll introduce some recent developments/breakthrough in the area of Medical AI, especially in diagnostic decision support and disease early detection. Finally, some key challenges will be investigated through in-depth observations from various aspects.


2018 Jun 26  12:00~13:30


Conference Hall 3, B1 Floor, the Second Medical Building


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